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Aqua One Phosphate Pad - Self Cut Filter Pad

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Phosphate Pad Self Cut Filter Pad

Size: 25.4 W x 45.7cm H

Aqua One Filter Pads give the user the ability to cut and shape their pads to suit any filtration system, including Hang on Filters, Trickle/Mini Reef Systems, Top Filters, Internal Filters, Pond Filters and other Aquarium and Pond filtration systems.

Suitable For: Coldwater, Tropical & Marine

Feature and Benefits:

The Aqua One PhosPad is a tightly woven chemical filter pad which absorbs phosphate from your aquarium water. High phosphate levels within an aquarium is one major food source for algae. Phosphate builds up overtime as a result of overfeeding or poor quality fish food, lack of regular water changes and decaying plant matter. PhosPad is not a substitute for good aquarium practices. PhosPad should be used as a preventative or treatment, not a cure for prolonged phosphate concentrations in your aquarium.

It is essential you replace the PhosPad after 4-6 weeks. The microscopic pores in the pad can fill up and release all the waste previously collected, back into your aquarium.

Active Ingredients:  Copper & TiO2


  • Lay the old filter pad on top of the new filter pad
  • Cut the new filter pad slightly larger, as the old filter pad may have been distorted.
  • Ensure the new filter pad fits the filter, trim if needed
  • Replace every 4-6 weeks
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