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Aqua One Ammonia Pad - Self Cut Filter Pad

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Ammonia Pad Self Cut Fitler Pad

Size: 25.4 W x 45.7cm H

Aqua One Filter Pads give the user the ability to cut and shape their pads to suit any filtration system, including Hang on Filters, Trickle/Mini Reef Systems, Top Filters, Internal Filters, Pond Filters and other Aquarium and Pond filtration systems.

Suitable For: Coldwater, Tropical & Marine

Feature and Benefits:

Ammonia can be extremely toxic, and high levels place fish under extreme stress. The biological cycle of your aquarium where excess food, faecal matter, urea and fish respiration results in the natural generation of Ammonia (NH3). Ammonia becomes lethal to aquatic animals in high concentrations, and robs the aquarium water of oxygen. Keeping ammonia under control is very important. With the aid of the Ammonia Pad, it will help to ensure your aquatic pets live long, happy and healthy lives.

It is essential you replace the Ammonia Pad after 4-6 weeks. The microscopic pores in the pad can fill up and release all the waste previously collected, back into your aquarium

Active Ingredients:  100% Zeolite


  • Lay the old filter pad on top of the new filter pad
  • Cut the new filter pad slightly larger, as the old filter pad may have been distorted.
  • Ensure the new filter pad fits the filter, trim if needed
  • Replace every 4-6 weeks
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