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Aqua One ProVac Gravel Cleaner

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Aqua One ProVac Gravel Cleaner
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ProVac Gravel Cleaner

The ProVac is available in three sizes to suit most aquarium depths, and features a priming bulb handle – so your hands stay dry and out of the aquarium.

The ProVac makes aquarium maintenance easy for you – and great for your fish!

Available in 3 sizes

Code     Description:

20132 - ProVac Gravel Cleaner 12in 30cm

20133 - ProVac Gravel Cleaner 18in 45cm

20134 - ProVac Gravel Cleaner 24in 60cm

Suitable For: Coldwater, Tropical & Marine

Features & Benefits:

  • 4.5° outlet
  • In line priming bulb
  • Gravel filter
  • Helps to prevent the hose from kinking
  • Makes starting easy
  • Prevents gravel escaping into the bucket


  • Place gravel cleaner 10cm above the level of the gravel and lower the end of the hose into the bucket.
  • Squeeze the the priming bulb a number of times to start the siphon.
  • Once siphon begins, force the mouth of the cleaner into the gravel bed.
  • Move to the next area of gravel and repeat the process untill you have cleaned the entire gravel bed, or until you have removed the desired amount of water.
  • Once you have removed 25-30% of the aquarium water refill your aquarium, be sure to add some Aqua One water conditioner.
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